My Favorite Triple Coupons Deals!

 I paid $11.58 for these items: 2 Pampers Baby Wipes 72 count, 1 Marzetti Southwest Veggie Dip, 8 pack of Johnsonville Sausage Patties, 2 Packs of Dole Fruit Crisp (only one pictured because my son ate one), Coffeemate Natural Bliss Creamer, Archway Ginger Snaps Bag, Minute Maid Pure Squeezed OJ 59 oz.

This morning I made a quick trip to Harris Teeter for the first day of Triple Coupons week. I got there at around 9:45 a.m., so some of the things I was hoping to grab were already gone (pregnancy seems to have taken away my ability to be an early riser :)). I did grab a couple of deals though and plan to go back for more later in the week!

I spent: $11.58 (pre-total was 29.88), so I saved a little over 60%. I aim for saving at least 50%, so I was happy.

Pampers Wipes- $.64 after .$75 coupon tripled
Coffeemate Natural Bliss- .54 after .55 coupon tripled
Minute Maid Pure Squeezed Orange Juice- not on sale, but I had a $.75 off coupon- final price-  $1.44
Dole Fruit Crisp- not on sale, but I love these. After $.50 coupon tripled I spent  $1.09 each
Johnsonville Sausage Patties- not on sale but after $.75 tripled, they were 1.64 which is good

Overall, this definitely wasn’t my most impressive grocery trip ever, but I hope to make a second trip later. Hopefully some of the items I want will be in stock!

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My Final Triple Coupon Trip

 Pictured: Grande Tortilla Chips, 4 Yoplait Kids Yogurt 4-packs, 2 Bob Evans Precooked Sausage Patties/Links, 8 Nature Valley/Fiber One Breakfast Bars, Perdue Chicken Nuggets, 3 Harris Teeter Brand Oatmeals, 1 Large Gold Peak Tea, 2 Wholly Guacamole Packs
Total Spent: $19.50 plus earned $5 in box tops!

I think I can speak for many of us when I say that I am glad to see triple coupon week come to an end! I love the great sales, but the pressure to return to the grocery store each day to maximize the 20 triple coupon limit is almost too much! I ended up going five times.

Tonight, Tuesday night, the last night of the sale, I checked out at 10:15 p.m. from Harris Teeter Mayfaire. All things considered, they were pretty well stocked. I was impressed- only a few of the items I wanted were out. The ground beef for $1.99 was long gone, but I got a rain check. The Betty Crocker Fun-da-middles cake mix was gone. I also got a rain check for it and the good thing is that since it was on sale for $.99, it will still be free next week when my $.50 off coupon doubles as usual.

Tonight I took advantage of the General Mills breakfast bar promo and bought eight of those, using coupons on all and also earning another 50 box tops certificates. 

I also just tonight noticed the Bob Evans Sausage on sale for $2.50. I had a $.75 off coupon that tripled to $2.25 off, thus making the sausage only a quarter! I did that twice since I had two coupons. Actually, I had more coupons but just tonight noticed that sale.

I got the Gold Peak Tea for free- it was on sale for $2.00 and my $.75 off coupon tripled, making it free. I also bought lots of the Dora Yoplait Yogurt for my children. After the coupon tripled, each pack was only $.87 but then I had a digital coupon, too, taking off an additional $.75. It’s so interesting how there are always paper and digital coupons offered for the Yoplait yogurts each month. I can’t imagine that anyone pays full price!

Looking forward to next week, I think I may take a little break from Harris Teeter. I scanned their deals that start tomorrow and they look average. I saw a few deals that I would take advantage of. Food Lion’s sales look decent. They are doing their private label sale, where you get money off for buying certain amounts of their store brand products.

I’m actually very interested in Lowes Foods this week. I scanned their ad and noticed lots of great deals, including the final week of their 3 week store coupon sale that they are doing. I saw several opportunities for free items, so I may write this week about what’s on my shopping list for Lowes Foods.  For now, I’m going to relax, kick up my feet, take a break and put triple coupon week behind me; but I’ll be back at it shortly!

Triple Coupon Trip #1

Pictured: Skintimate Shave Cream, Franks Red Hot Sauce, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Two Packs of Hefty Designer Plates, 2 Balance Bars, 2 Barilla Pasta Sauces, Bounty Napkins (100 ct), Resolve Clothes Stain Remover Spray, 2 Boxes of Tetley Tea 24 count each, 3 Morton’s Season Salt, 2 Kashi All Natural High Protein Frozen Meals, One Package of Organic Firm Tofu, 2 Boxes of Muellers Whole Grain Spaghetti Noodles

Score! Twenty-one items for $1.60! and that includes tax! I used coupons on everything! I bought household items as well as food items, and most of my food items are healthier choices. Most items were free after the coupon tripled. I was very pleased with this trip!

 My receipt. See all the scanned and multiplied coupons?

I got out this morning around 6:30 and went shopping at Harris Teeter for my first triple coupon week! I made it out of the store in record time, only 22 minutes! That’s really good for me because I tend to get side tracked in the store. But this time I stayed focused, had my twenty coupons already organized by aisle and went in and grabbed exactly what I had planned. I can’t stress how important being organized was (see yesterday’s post). It’s easy and fast when you already have the coupons pulled and sorted by aisle. Sorting by aisle is easy, especially when you only have 20 coupons. I put them in groups of what items are on the same aisle or side of the store. See my post where I listed the Harris Teeter Aisles to help you sort. You can print the aisles out and use them in your binder.

Since Harris Teeter only triples 20 coupons per day, I will have to do another trip tomorrow, since I have so many more coupons to use. Stay posted for an update on my next shopping trip!

How I Prepare for Triple Coupons


How do I get ready for a special event such as Triple Coupons Week? I’ll show you below!

I first go to Southern Savers and check out their lists of many of the deals that are to be had this week. Jenny, the lady who runs the site, posts many of the free and cheap deals of the week, along with coupon matchups. This list is invaluable, as it saves me so much time. I simply click the boxes of any items that I would like to have and if I have that same coupon I know that I’m going to get a good deal. She also tells you if there is an available printable coupon. I can print the coupon right there from the site, and then print out her shopping list to take with me to the store. Yes, I do go through each list. It is slightly time consuming, but since I don’t normally do this much work, I’m willing to do it during triples week. I figure the great deals and stockpile that I will accomplish this week is worth it! This should cut down on my shopping in future weeks.

Next, I go through all of my coupons in my binder and pull any that will triple ($.99 or less), particularly if it’s a coupon that I think Jenny mentioned or if it’s an item that I think will be a good deal after tripling. Remember, it’s all guess-work until you see the official ad come out on Wednesday morning, so just go ahead and pull any that are of interest to you and hope the item will also be on sale next week.

Next, I take my Southern Savers list and paper clip all coupons to the grocery list that I made. If I have time, I organize the coupons by aisle in the store, in order to save myself time. I have found that if the coupons are all set and ready to go, I save time by going in order from aisle to aisle, rather than walking back and forth across the store. I usually start at the produce section and work my way around the store from there.

My list of deals printed from Southern Savers, along with matching coupons paper clipped. 
These are my free deals, the ones I will try to get first!

All remaining coupons (and believe me, there are a lot of them- over 100 for me), go into my envelope labeled, “Triple Coupon Deals” and I will pull them out before my next grocery trip and decide which to use. Remember, you can only double or triple 20 coupons per day, so if you have more than 20, you will need to go back another day.

All of my triple-potential, pulled coupons,
paper-clipped together by aisle, ready to go for price checking.


If I really want to get a certain deal, I get up early on Wednesday morning (6:00 a.m.) and get there early, shop, then be in line to pay at 7:00 a.m. Coupons won’t triple until 7:00 a.m. It pays to be there early because often the items that will be free or really great deals will sell out. 7:00 a.m. is probably overdoing it, but I have to shop before my husband goes to work. One of my rules is that the kids don’t go with me shopping! So, if I don’t go early, I have to wait until my husband gets home in the evening, and some things would likely be gone by then. Also, I don’t like to make multiple trips looking for items, so things that I really want, I try to go ahead and get early on the first day.

I hope this post has been helpful to you in showing how I get ready for triple coupon week. It’s going to be a busy week, that’s for sure! Feel free to share with me how you organize yourself for this special week!

Harris Teeter Triple Coupon Deals


Harris Teeter will start triple coupon week on Wednesday, September 14th! That means that any coupon with a face value of $.99 or less will triple. To be clear, 25 cent coupons will triple to 75 cents off, 50 cents off will triple to $1.50 off and 75 cents will triple to $2.25 off! You can triple up to 20 per day (that’s the limit- don’t try to cheat because the computer will remember your VIC card and any over 20 will not triple)!

Jenny, from Southern Savers, one of my favorite coupon match-up sites, has posted the first list of triple coupon deals. She usually posts three lists of deals before the week is over. 

Attached is her first list of deals for triple coupon week. I noticed lots of free item opportunities, and many have printable coupons that you can print from your computer to use. Others you will need to look in your binder or coupon folders and pull the coupons needed. Either way, you should have plenty of chances to get some great deals!

A few notes about triple coupon week- sometimes items will sell out, so be patient and understand that these special weeks attract more customers, all trying to get a good deal. The earlier you can go, the better (some people show up 7 a.m. on Wednesday mornning). The grocery store will, however, restock throughout the week, so if you can go back a second time, you might be able to find some items that were out. If they are out again and the item was on special, you could also get a raincheck, but keep in mind that the coupon won’t triple until the next triple coupon week!

One final note- sometimes on these special weeks, I notice that there are less sales. Be sure that you’re still getting a good deal even with the coupon tripling. It’s fun to watch the coupon triple, but don’t buy items just because you have a coupon unless it really is a great deal.

Click here for a list of some of the great deals! Remember, Jenny doesn’t list EVERY deal, since deals sometimes vary by region, so be sure to pull any coupons that you want to check to see if it might be a good deal after it triples.

Triple Coupons- One of my Best Trips Ever!


Today was my first day ever participating in triple coupons at Harris Teeter! I was so excited because ever since I started couponing a year ago, I have been waiting for a triple coupon event. For whatever reason, Harris Teeter had not done triples until this week.

Take a look at the photo below. Any guesses as to how much I spent?

 In photo: 2 Totinos Pizzas, 2 20 oz French’s mustard, 1 16 oz Dijon Mustard, 1- 4-pack Gerber baby yogurt, 3- 2-pack Gerber Baby Foods, 36 pack of Chinet Paper Plates, 2 BIG Country Crock Butters, 1 pack of 64-count Huggies Baby Wipes, 2 bottles of Franks Red-Hot Sauce, 1 pack of Ballpark Beef Franks, 1 Dozen Egglands Best Eggs, 1 V8 V-Fusion Acai Juice Drink, 1 Colgate Toothpaste, 1 Bag of Texas Toast Tortilla Strips

And the grand total is……….$1.66! And that includes tax. I used coupons on everything I bought, most of which tripled, and I also bought everything except maybe one or two items on sale.This made almost everything I got free, with the exception of a few items. See receipt below and note all the scanned coupons and multiplied coupons.

Suffice it to say that I got lots of good deals today. I imagine that if everyone else out there does as well as I did, it might be a whole another year before Harris Teeter does triples again!