Never Pay for Toothpaste Again!


There are certain items that a person can generally never pay for if they pay attention and use the coupons when the item goes on sale. One of those items is toothpaste! 

Today, I picked up 15 tubes and got them all FREE. I only had to pay the tax (4 cents each). This is how I did it:

The Colgate 6.4 oz. toothpaste is on sale at Lowes Foods for $1.00. It normally costs $3.09 if not on sale, so I’m already saving $2.09 simply by buying it on sale.

I looked in my binder and noticed that I had a $.50 off one Colgate coupon. Since Lowes Foods doubles coupons, that $.50 doubled to $1.00 off and became free! That was a super easy deal. I stocked up and bought 15 of them, since I use them as giveaways and I also added a few to my stockpile of toothpaste. I won’t run out of toothpaste anytime soon and most likely, another sale will come up before I run out. Thus, I should NEVER have to pay for toothpaste!

Note that I got name brand toothpaste, too. Even store brand isn’t this cheap. Dollar Store toothpaste is only $1.00, but often the size of the tube is tiny compared to the big 6.4 oz. that I got.

By the way, if you need coupons for specific brands of toothpaste, I suggest looking on EBAY. There are coupons for pretty much anything you want there, on sale for cents on the dollar.

What items do you normally get for free with your couponing?

Free Toothpaste at Food Lion Through Sunday!


Shannon, who took my workshop a week ago, e-mailed me with a tip for a great deal on toothpaste this weekend at Food Lion.

Food Lion is having a three day sale (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for Crest Toothpaste for $1.50. There was a $.75 off coupon in the June 4th P&G insert, taking the toothpaste down to $.75. 

It gets even better, though! Food Lion has digital coupons available on their website, where you can click and upload the coupon directly to your MVP card. There is also a digital coupon available for Crest for $.75, making the toothpaste FREE! (Remember, you CAN combine a digital coupon with a paper coupon).

It get even better still…..Shannon pointed out to me that she picked a box that had a bonus tube of toothpaste on the top AND inside there were $10 worth of coupons! What a great deal!

I did want to note that I tried this deal and for some reason, the digital coupon did not come off my total as it should have. I consulted with the manager, who had no idea what happened. I plan to return tomorrow to see if I can get the deal to work, but honestly, even if it doesn’t, it’s still a good deal to pay $.75 for the toothpaste (plus tax). 

Thanks Shannon for the great tip!