Harris Teeter Prescription Transfer- Earn up to $200!


Free money doesn’t come around too often, but Harris Teeter’s prescription transfer program is about as close to free money as you’re going to get!

In a press release from last week, Harris Teeter spelled out the terms of their prescription transfer bonus. When customers who have not previously had a prescription with Harris Teeter transfer their prescriptions, they will earn $20 in free grocery credit onto their VIC card. Customers can earn up to 10 free credits, totaling up to $200! You have until April 3rd to take advantage.

People have been taking advantage, too. Read what Donna N. from the Delly’s Deals Facebook page had to say about earning her bonus:

I went Sunday and transferred 8 prescriptions for a credit of $160.00. Will get $40 more on 2 refills. Pharmacist super nice.

I am thankful that I don’t have a single prescription to fill, but I know many of you do. Not only will you earn the amazing bonus that Harris Teeter is offering if you switch your prescriptions to them, but you will have access to Harris Teeter’s stellar customer service. I’ve heard people talk about how friendly and helpful the pharmacists are and how there is very little waiting. In fact, Harris Teeter has a 15-minute prescription guarantee.

In addition, Harris Teeter has programs such as the Generic Prescriptions Savings Club with 30 day supplies as little as $3.99 and 90 day supplies as little as $9.99. They also mentioned FREE Diabetic Drugs and FREE Antibiotics.

With all these benefits- the great prices, friendly service and the $20 bonus, I don’t know why anyone would have their prescriptions filled elsewhere!