Free Subway Breakfast


I posted this earlier on my Delly’s Deals Facebook page, but I thought I would post it again here to make sure everyone saw.

Have you tried Subway’s new breakfast sandwiches? If not, you will have your chance coming up the last week of January/first of February. A promo that started at Subways in the northern part of the country is coming here. 

The entire week of January 30th, Subway will be giving away a free breakfast sandwich and coffee if you R.S.V.P. online with your preferred day, time and which local Subway location you would like to drop by.

It may be true that there’s no such thing as a free lunch but perhaps there is such a thing as free breakfast! Don’t miss out!

R.S.V.P. here!

Harris Teeter Meal Deal



For those who are unaware, each week Harris Teeter does a “meal deal.” Basically, if you buy all of the items that they have listed as part of the meal deal, you get it for a really good price.

The meal deal is usually listed on a poster in the store and also highlighted in the store ad on the front page somewhere. I normally wouldn’t post about a meal deal but this week’s was exceptionally good, I thought, plus there were coupon matchups to help make it even cheaper. 

This week’s meal deal cost $5.99 if you bought all four of the following items:

Ballpark Beef Franks  14-16 oz
8 Count Whitewheat Hotdog Buns
1 Gallon of Lipton Tea (any variety)
One 9-11.5 oz Bag of Lays Potato Chips (any variety)

That’s a pretty good deal as it is. But…..of course it gets better.

I used a coupon from the Sunday Paper for .55 off of Lays Chips. This doubles to $1.10 off.

I also used a coupon from the Sunday Paper for .55 off of Ballpark Franks. This also doubled, becoming $1.10 off.

So, for me, the Meal Deal ended up being $3.79 plus tax for all of the above items- the chips, hot dogs, hot dog buns, and gallon of tea. I think that’s a great deal! Normally, Lays Chips alone cost $3.99. I love matching up coupons with sales!

If you would like to purchase the Meal Deal, you have until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday night, April 12th). After that, on Wednesday, a new Meal Deal should come out!