My Drug Store Deals this Week!


After seeing yesterday’s Sunday paper loaded with great coupons, I decided to head straight over to the drug stores to grab a few deals. You have until Saturday night if you’d also like to grab some of these. Remember to request a rain check if they are out of something!

FREE Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste (no out of pocket except tax and filler item)

$.99 Claritin for Kids 
FREE Colgate Max Toothpaste (after Extrabucks)
$1.00 Right Guard Mens Deoderant (after Extrabucks)
$1.00 Right Guard Mens Bodywash (after Extrabucks)
$3.99 Lysol Heathly Touch Hand soap system (I actually paid only tax because I used Extrabucks from a previous transaction)

See below for details on how I did each transaction.


FREE Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste

(use $1.00 off coupon from yesterday’s Sunday paper PLUS the $1.00 off coupon in the Walgreens savings booklet). If you buy one toothpaste but use both coupons, you will also need to buy a small, cheap little filler item, such as a caramel or something, since Walgreens’ registers will not accept more than one coupon per item.


$.99 Claritin for Kids

Kids’ Claritin is on sale for $7.99 a bottle. There is a $7.00 off coupon from last Sunday’s newspaper (Raleigh only). After coupon I only paid $.99 which is an AWESOME deal!

FREE Colgate Max Toothpaste (after Extrabucks reward)

Colgate Toothpaste is $2.99 each. I used a $1.00 off coupon from last week’s paper so I only paid $1.99 plus tax. I then got back $2.00 in Extrabucks after I paid.You can do this twice and earn $4 in Extrabucks.

$1.00 Right Guard Mens Deoderant (after Extrabucks)
$1.00 Right Guard Mens Bodywash (after Extrabucks)

Both of these transactions work the same. You can choose any combo of Right Guard Deoderant or Bodywash. Each is on sale for $3.00 so I bought two and used a $2.00 off coupon from Sunday’s Raleigh newspaper. I paid $4.00 plus tax and then got back $2.00 in Extrabucks.

$3.99 Lysol Heathly Touch Hand soap system (I actually paid only tax because I used Extrabucks from a previous transaction)

 It’s on sale for $6.99 and I had a $3 off coupon from last Sunday’s paper. After coupon I paid $3.99. If you want this you could do the above transactions and then use some of the Extrabucks that you earned above towards the Hand Soap System. This is what I did so it only cost me $.48 plus tax.

I’m sure there are other great deals this week at CVS and Walgreens; these are the ones I chose to take advantage of! What did you find at the drug stores this week?

FREE Allegra at CVS Through Saturday Night!


Have you gotten your FREE Allegra? 

For those who suffer with allergies (like myself, my husband, and my children), allergy season can be a killer. I don’t think we’d survive without our non-drowsy allergy medicines like Zyrtec and Allegra. Even better is the fact that we’ve gotten most of our allergy medicine for about 75%-100% off this allergy season by using the sales that the drug store chains offer on the medicines, combined with the coupons.

This week there is an EASY deal at CVS. In last Sunday’s paper, there was a $7.00 off coupon for Allegra. I found mine in the Raleigh News and Observer newspaper in the Smart Source insert. It was in the middle of the insert. I alerted everyone to this sale on Saturday in my Delly’s Deals Radio Show notes and reminded everyone to be sure to get the Sunday paper, as I knew this coupon was in it! It’s a seven day coupon so it will expire on Saturday.

The 5 count Allegra costs $6.99 at CVS, so after applying the $7.00 off coupon it was FREE! I had two coupons so I got two boxes. I was only responsible for paying the tax, which ended up being $.98 total. Not bad for a product that would have normally cost me 13.98.

By the way, I got mine at the CVS on Gordon Road and they were fully stocked. There were plenty. You have until Saturday night to take advantage so be sure to hop on over!

Awesome Wolfgang Puck Money Maker at Harris Teeter!

 I got paid $2.50 to take these two spaghetti sauces home!

This morning at Harris Teeter I got PAID to buy the Wolfgang Puck Spaghetti Sauce. Boy was that an awesome surprise!

Actually, part of it was planned; another part of it was a surprise. This deal is running all week, so you can get it, too!

The Wolfgang Puck sauces are on sale for $2.00 (regularly priced $2.99), so you’re already saving.

Then, there was a coupon from the October 9th Sunday newspaper for $1.00 off. Since it’s Super Double coupon week, that $1.00 off turns into $2.00 off. That makes the sauce FREE!

But it gets better……there is a $1.00 off digital EVIC coupon from the Harris Teeter website that I had clicked and uploaded to my shopper card. Even though the sauce was free with my paper coupons, Harris Teeter still allows me to use the $1.00 digital coupon, so that means I EARNED $1.00!

Believe it or not, it still gets better! After I paid for my groceries, a $.75 Catalina coupon printed out for me to use on anything in the store on my next purchase! Since I bought two Wolfgang Puck sauces, I earned two of these, totaling $1.50!!!

So, in all, I paid nothing for the sauces and I earned $2.50!!!!! That’s money that can go towards something else, like fruit, meat or veggies. 

Now that’s what I call an awesome deal!

How I Prepare for Triple Coupons


How do I get ready for a special event such as Triple Coupons Week? I’ll show you below!

I first go to Southern Savers and check out their lists of many of the deals that are to be had this week. Jenny, the lady who runs the site, posts many of the free and cheap deals of the week, along with coupon matchups. This list is invaluable, as it saves me so much time. I simply click the boxes of any items that I would like to have and if I have that same coupon I know that I’m going to get a good deal. She also tells you if there is an available printable coupon. I can print the coupon right there from the site, and then print out her shopping list to take with me to the store. Yes, I do go through each list. It is slightly time consuming, but since I don’t normally do this much work, I’m willing to do it during triples week. I figure the great deals and stockpile that I will accomplish this week is worth it! This should cut down on my shopping in future weeks.

Next, I go through all of my coupons in my binder and pull any that will triple ($.99 or less), particularly if it’s a coupon that I think Jenny mentioned or if it’s an item that I think will be a good deal after tripling. Remember, it’s all guess-work until you see the official ad come out on Wednesday morning, so just go ahead and pull any that are of interest to you and hope the item will also be on sale next week.

Next, I take my Southern Savers list and paper clip all coupons to the grocery list that I made. If I have time, I organize the coupons by aisle in the store, in order to save myself time. I have found that if the coupons are all set and ready to go, I save time by going in order from aisle to aisle, rather than walking back and forth across the store. I usually start at the produce section and work my way around the store from there.

My list of deals printed from Southern Savers, along with matching coupons paper clipped. 
These are my free deals, the ones I will try to get first!

All remaining coupons (and believe me, there are a lot of them- over 100 for me), go into my envelope labeled, “Triple Coupon Deals” and I will pull them out before my next grocery trip and decide which to use. Remember, you can only double or triple 20 coupons per day, so if you have more than 20, you will need to go back another day.

All of my triple-potential, pulled coupons,
paper-clipped together by aisle, ready to go for price checking.


If I really want to get a certain deal, I get up early on Wednesday morning (6:00 a.m.) and get there early, shop, then be in line to pay at 7:00 a.m. Coupons won’t triple until 7:00 a.m. It pays to be there early because often the items that will be free or really great deals will sell out. 7:00 a.m. is probably overdoing it, but I have to shop before my husband goes to work. One of my rules is that the kids don’t go with me shopping! So, if I don’t go early, I have to wait until my husband gets home in the evening, and some things would likely be gone by then. Also, I don’t like to make multiple trips looking for items, so things that I really want, I try to go ahead and get early on the first day.

I hope this post has been helpful to you in showing how I get ready for triple coupon week. It’s going to be a busy week, that’s for sure! Feel free to share with me how you organize yourself for this special week!

Free Peanut Butter for All!


Well, maybe not for all, but definitely for those that have the matching coupons! I got 11 jars for FREE! Actually, I did have to pay a penny tax per jar, but I’ll take it!

This week Skippy Peanut Butter is on sale at Harris Teeter for $2.99, Buy one Get one free. That makes each jar $1.50 each. That is a good deal.

Then, I had coupons for $.75 off of one jar. These were in the July 31st Red Plum insert from the Sunday paper. At Harris Teeter, the $.75 doubles to $1.50 off, making the peanut butter FREE! I love it!

Now, if you’re wondering where I got 11 coupons from, the answer is EBAY. I actually bought 20 and shared some with a friend. If you also would like to get some of the Skippy coupons to use this week, go to EBAY and search “Skippy Coupons.” You will see many different ones come up. There are some out there for $1.00 off of one jar, which isn’t as good as my $.75 off that doubled, but you would still pay only $.50 for the peanut butter if you use the $1.00 off coupons. 

One warning- these coupons expire August 28, so you would need to order today and ask that they mail them ASAP. I have had great luck with sellers mailing me my coupons quickly- I’ve gotten some in only two days!

A couple of notes- all of the Skippy was on sale, so I was able to try out different types. I got some of the  naturals, which have no hydrogenated oils and is all natural. I got some regular and some crunchy. I also tried out one jar of the reduced fat. I figured why not? Also, the peanut butter all has long shelf life- expiring in fall of 2012, so I will not have to buy peanut butter for quite some time!

Keep in mind that you are only allowed to use three of the same coupon in one trip. Some cashiers are more strict on this; it’s really just luck of the draw. Some cashiers stick to the three coupon rule whereas others don’t seem to know or mind this rule. If you get a cashier who is a stickler, just go to another store or come back the following day to use more coupons.

The Harris Teeter at Mayfaire was very stocked up and had plenty, including a display at the end of the aisle. The Harris Teeter at Ogden had less. I left plenty on the shelf for others, so be sure to get in and get this great deal this week!

Free Toothpaste at Food Lion Through Sunday!


Shannon, who took my workshop a week ago, e-mailed me with a tip for a great deal on toothpaste this weekend at Food Lion.

Food Lion is having a three day sale (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for Crest Toothpaste for $1.50. There was a $.75 off coupon in the June 4th P&G insert, taking the toothpaste down to $.75. 

It gets even better, though! Food Lion has digital coupons available on their website, where you can click and upload the coupon directly to your MVP card. There is also a digital coupon available for Crest for $.75, making the toothpaste FREE! (Remember, you CAN combine a digital coupon with a paper coupon).

It get even better still…..Shannon pointed out to me that she picked a box that had a bonus tube of toothpaste on the top AND inside there were $10 worth of coupons! What a great deal!

I did want to note that I tried this deal and for some reason, the digital coupon did not come off my total as it should have. I consulted with the manager, who had no idea what happened. I plan to return tomorrow to see if I can get the deal to work, but honestly, even if it doesn’t, it’s still a good deal to pay $.75 for the toothpaste (plus tax). 

Thanks Shannon for the great tip!