Harris Teeter Saturday Specials and Bonus EVIC Offers 9/19- 9/23


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This week Harris Teeter will have two Saturday specials. Score a great deal on Sparkle Paper Towels and Pop Tarts! There is a limit of 2 per item. Coupons are allowed on top of the deals, too.

Check your HT Friday email (or App) to find out what other deals you may have been offered. See below for the deals and any matching coupons that I have found:

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Softsoap for 9 Cents!


 On Friday morning I got my Harris Teeter EVIC e-mail. EVIC deals are deals that Harris Teeter sends to each person just for their VIC card and are usually limited to two items per card. 

Often, people get many of the same EVIC offers. One offer I got this week was for 8 oz or larger Softsoap for $1.49. I can buy up to two at that price. You may have also gotten that same deal, so check your e-mail.

Last night I found a coupon for $.70 off of one 8 oz or larger Softsoap. This will double, making the Softsoap only $.09! You can print the coupon twice. Print it here. (It’s on the 4th page). 

I had no problem printing the coupon, but let me know if for any reason you do!

Weekly Roundup of Harris Teeter Deals

              Read on to see how I paid only $ 3.54 plus tax for these groceries!                        
Pictured above- New England Coffee, Bertolli Pasta Sauce, Rosina Frozen Meatballs, Lays Potato Chips, Chicken Noodle Soup, 3lb bag of Gala Apples

Harris Teeter has the best consistent deals on groceries each week! There are many weeks where I get items there for free or less than a dollar. Many of these same items would cost twice as much at Walmart, just as a comparison.

Although this week is not as exciting as last week’s Super Double Coupons deals, I still managed to snag some awesome deals on groceries this week. Below are some of the best deals I found:

Rosina Frozen Meatballs, 12 oz bag is on sale for $2.22. After my .75 off coupon, which doubled at Harris Teeter, I only paid $.72 for them. They usually sell for $4.45 a bag.

Another good deal was Lay’s Potato Chips. I got them on sale for $1.88. I had a coupon for $.55 off, which Harris Teeter doubled, so I only paid $.78. These normally sell for $3.99 a bag.

I also got a bag of New England coffee for $3.39. I used a coupon for $.50, which doubled to $1.00 off, so I only paid $2.39. It normally sells for $6.79 a bag!

This week Bertolli Pasta Sauce in a jar was on sale for $1.27, if you are an EVIC member at Harris Teeter. It’s normally $2.99, so that was a nice, easy deal that did not even require a coupon. Combine this with the Rosina Meatballs and some spaghetti noodles I got for free a few weeks ago and I’ve got an awesome spaghetti and meatballs dinner for only $1.99!

By the way, if you are not currently a Harris Teeter EVIC member, I suggest you join. It is free and you sign up online at their website using your EVIC card number. Each week you will get special deals sent right to your e-mail box.

One final sweet deal that I enjoyed was a bag of Gala Apples that were on sale for EVIC members. This bag was listed in the store for $4.99 but I only had to pay $2.49 since I used my VIC card. To make things better, Harris Teeter gave me a $5.00 fresh foods credit on my receipt (still not sure how I earned this), thus making the apples free! The remaining $2.51 went towards the rest of my grocery bill, too, making my total even lower.

I love shopping and getting great deals!