Never Pay for Toothpaste Again!


There are certain items that a person can generally never pay for if they pay attention and use the coupons when the item goes on sale. One of those items is toothpaste! 

Today, I picked up 15 tubes and got them all FREE. I only had to pay the tax (4 cents each). This is how I did it:

The Colgate 6.4 oz. toothpaste is on sale at Lowes Foods for $1.00. It normally costs $3.09 if not on sale, so I’m already saving $2.09 simply by buying it on sale.

I looked in my binder and noticed that I had a $.50 off one Colgate coupon. Since Lowes Foods doubles coupons, that $.50 doubled to $1.00 off and became free! That was a super easy deal. I stocked up and bought 15 of them, since I use them as giveaways and I also added a few to my stockpile of toothpaste. I won’t run out of toothpaste anytime soon and most likely, another sale will come up before I run out. Thus, I should NEVER have to pay for toothpaste!

Note that I got name brand toothpaste, too. Even store brand isn’t this cheap. Dollar Store toothpaste is only $1.00, but often the size of the tube is tiny compared to the big 6.4 oz. that I got.

By the way, if you need coupons for specific brands of toothpaste, I suggest looking on EBAY. There are coupons for pretty much anything you want there, on sale for cents on the dollar.

What items do you normally get for free with your couponing?

Retail Coupons


Going shopping this weekend? Need clothes, housewares, or items for your home and garden?

Deals can be found out there on those items, as well. One of my tips is to use the same rules that apply to grocery shopping- wait for a sale and apply coupons to the sale if possible. 

I also love places like Rack Room Shoes, where I can get B1G1 half off everyday and they also combine that with coupons, too.

There are websites out there to help you find retail coupons. One of my favorites is Your Retail Helper. This is such a neat site and easy to use. Click on the top left where it says “Retail Round Up/Printable Coupons” and she will post a list of all the coupons that you can print out that are from retail establishments and believe me, they are not skimpy! I saw coupons from Old Navy, Children’s Place, GAP, JC Penny, Lane Bryant, Office Depot, Ulta, and Victoria’s Secret to name a few. It doesn’t hurt to go there before you shop and just check and see what’s available. You can print out a coupon quickly before you shop!

Also, one thing I know you can do is search EBAY for coupons. Some people find this controversial, but I personally don’t. EBAY is quick to pull illegal items off their site and if the manufacturers didn’t want the coupons there, they’d demand that EBAY remove them. For example, you can search EBAY for Lowes coupons or home depot coupons for 10% off your purchase. Here’s a search I did for Lowes Home Improvement coupons. It pulled up many coupons that can be bought for around $3-$4 and then emailed to you for printing. If you are doing a big purchase, for example, hundreds of dollars for some improvements, this would be money well spent! By they way, Home Depot will take Lowes Home Improvement coupons, too.

Finally, there are toy coupons out there and lots of them! Click here to access my free printable coupons.When the coupons come up, look on the left again and click “Toys and Games,” and you can print off all the coupons for toys and games. Toys can be so expensive, so using the coupons can really add up.

Don’t overpay for retail! There are resources out there to help you save!

Ordering Coupons


Did you know that you can order coupons online? If not, you are certainly missing out! I decided to do a post today to address the issue of ordering coupons, why you would do it, and how to properly do so.

As many of us in the Wilmington, NC area know, smaller town newspapers tend to have few, if any coupons. Larger cities have more plentiful Sunday paper coupons, for example, Raleigh, NC. I like the Raleigh News and Observer but if you want to get it around here, you have to fight for it! Some days it sells out early and other days it might not arrive at all.

A viable alternative to buying the Sunday paper is to simply order the coupons online. I have used two companies, The Q Hunter and Whole Coupon Inserts. They both have speedy, reliable and inexpensive service. You can order the complete coupon insert from the newspaper from them for reasonable prices plus a small shipping fee. As a bonus, you can order past inserts. For example, if there was an insert from three weeks ago that had a lot of great coupons in it, you can go to their website and choose that particular insert and order as many copies as you’d like of it. 

Another great feature is that The Q Hunter offers a subscription service. You pay a monthly fee (on your credit card) and they automatically mail you inserts each week, as if you were receiving the Sunday paper (without having to collect all those Sunday papers)! Even better is that the subscription service sends you more than just one insert- you get two of each from every Sunday. The Q Hunter offers 2 sets of each weekly insert for $18 a month. This is a great idea, in my opinion, especially if you have difficulties chasing down the Sunday paper each week. It would be easy to simply wait for it to arrive in the mail, usually on the Monday or Tuesday following the Sunday paper. 

One note to remember is that these coupons come from other cities, usually wherever the supplier is located. I know that the Q Hunter gets many of their inserts from Cincinnati. Keep in mind that they will not be the exact same coupons that came in your local paper, but many will be the same. I do like how each company lists exactly which coupons come in each insert, so you will know ahead of time what coupons will be included and can make your choice accordingly.

Another option is EBAY. Search “coupons” on EBAY and so many options will come up! There are people all over selling grocery coupons. Some sell them in batches of 100 random coupons, pre-cut for you! Others sell individual specific coupons for certain items. Just this weekend I bought 20 Lloyd’s BBQ coupons for $.75 off for $.99 with free shipping. That’s an AWESOME value! I also bought 20 coupons for Lactaid milk for $5.00 off a half gallon, making the milk free. I paid around $22.00 for those coupons, but it is well worth it, as that milk is very expensive, usually costing over $3.50 per half gallon. So, as you can see, ordering from EBAY can be a great way to obtain coupons.

One warning about EBAY is to check the seller’s ratings. Companies or individuals can sell on EBAY, so you want to make sure the person you are ordering from checks out professionally and doesn’t have any negatives on their ratings. I have NEVER had a problem ordering coupons from EBAY but I am also careful about who I order from and always read what other customers have to say about them before I order.

One final option for ordering coupons is a company called, “Kuntry Klippers.” They offer individual coupons in sets of 20. For example, if you like Yoplait yogurt and would like to buy 20 coupons for it, go to the Kuntry Klippers website and search “Yoplait.” Or you can simply browse the dairy section on the website to see what’s available. Once you see the coupon you want, you can click it and easily purchase it with your credit card. All coupons will be mailed to you promptly. I have used this service as well and love it.

I hope you will take advantage of the many options available out there to obtain your coupons!