$102 Worth of Groceries for less than $25!

 I paid $24.93 for all of these groceries! All name brand, from Harris Teeter today, and the total without coupons was $102.98.

Tonight at 6:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. I will be on Fox News Wilmington filling in for Michelle Li and sharing my grocery deals for this week. I went shopping today and boy did I get some amazing deals! I was surprised to see how many great deals were out there, most items being under $1.00 after coupons came off.

Several of the coupons I used came from the Lowes Foods spring coupon booklet. If you have not gotten yours yet, YOU MUST! It’s only $1.00 but is LOADED with awesome manufacturer’s coupons. I cut out several of the coupons and used them on items that were on sale at Harris Teeter, which is perfectly fine to do. The Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, the Hungry Jack Pancake Mix and the Maruschan Noodles are just two examples of items that are available in the Lowes Foods booklet but are on sale at Harris Teeter. Since the coupons don’t expire until late May, I’m sure there will be many more opportunities to use the booklet.

This is the Lowes Foods Savings Booklet that is LOADED with coupons, many of which will double. The bonus is that they can be used at any store, since most of the coupons are manufacturer’s offers.

Below is a breakdown of the prices that I paid for each item that I purchased:

Harris Teeter Items- Final Prices (items less than $1.00 are highlighted in blue)
1 Box of Cheerios- $.50 after $.75 off 1 coupon printed online and $.50 off ZVR (digital) coupon
2 Newmans Own Pasta Sauce- $.75 each after $.50 off of 1 coupons from Sunday paper and $.50 ZVR coupon
5 Delmonte Canned Veggies- $.51 each- no coupon, just buy 2 get 3 free
2 Smart Balance Cooking Spray- $1.39 each- used a $.75 off 1 coupon from Sunday paper
3 Hellmann’s Mayo 30 oz- $.98 each after $.75 off of 1 coupon from the Lowes Spring Savings Booklet
2 French’s Dijon Mustard- $.50 each after $.75 off of 1 coupons from Sunday paper
3 Colgate Toothpaste- FREE after $.75 off 1 coupons from Sunday paper
1 Pepsi Max- FREE after ZVR (digital coupon for free Pepsi Max)
Pepsi drinks were also Buy 2 get one free, so I got 3 but only paid for 1!
4 Carnation Evaporated Milk- $.50 each (after $.50 off 2 coupons from Sunday paper)
3 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix- $.89 each (after $.75 off 1 coupons from Lowes Spring Savings Booklet)
4 Betty Crocker Cookie Icing- $.25 each (after $3.00 off 2 coupons printed online here)
2 Mardi Gras Napkins (250 count)- $.40 each (after $.55 off 1 coupons from Sunday paper)
4 Simply Hashbrowns- $.77 each (after $1.00 off 2 coupons from Sunday paper)
3 Duncan Hines Cake Mix- $.57 each (after $.35 off 1 coupons from Sunday paper)
Stove Top Stuffing- $.23 each after $.55 off peelies that were stuck to the box!
2 Allegra Allergy Medicines- FREE from CVS after using two $7.00 off coupons from last Sunday’s paper)

Pre-coupon total: $102.98
I paid: 24.93
75% savings overall!!!

FREE Allegra at CVS Through Saturday Night!


Have you gotten your FREE Allegra? 

For those who suffer with allergies (like myself, my husband, and my children), allergy season can be a killer. I don’t think we’d survive without our non-drowsy allergy medicines like Zyrtec and Allegra. Even better is the fact that we’ve gotten most of our allergy medicine for about 75%-100% off this allergy season by using the sales that the drug store chains offer on the medicines, combined with the coupons.

This week there is an EASY deal at CVS. In last Sunday’s paper, there was a $7.00 off coupon for Allegra. I found mine in the Raleigh News and Observer newspaper in the Smart Source insert. It was in the middle of the insert. I alerted everyone to this sale on Saturday in my Delly’s Deals Radio Show notes and reminded everyone to be sure to get the Sunday paper, as I knew this coupon was in it! It’s a seven day coupon so it will expire on Saturday.

The 5 count Allegra costs $6.99 at CVS, so after applying the $7.00 off coupon it was FREE! I had two coupons so I got two boxes. I was only responsible for paying the tax, which ended up being $.98 total. Not bad for a product that would have normally cost me 13.98.

By the way, I got mine at the CVS on Gordon Road and they were fully stocked. There were plenty. You have until Saturday night to take advantage so be sure to hop on over!