Star News vs. News and Observer


This week marks the first Sunday of the month (since May begins next week) and that means one thing- loads of coupons!

There could be up to four inserts (coupon booklets) in each paper today- a Red Plum, Smart Source, Proctor and Gamble, and Pepsi Moments to Save. Let’s take a look at what I actually found in each newspaper.

Keep in mind that these results are regional and can even vary by city. The newspaper companies themselves have been telling us that the only way they can guarantee coupons is if you subscribe; otherwise the coupons may or may not all be there, due to many factors such as theft or omission. Unfortunately, at this time, Southeastern NC residents cannot subscribe to the Raleigh News and Observer; so, we just have to do our best to get up early and get it in the store on Sunday mornings! Be sure to check the paper before you leave, as there is no more annoying feeling than getting home and realizing there are no coupons inside.

Let’s take a look at what coupons came in each newspaper today!

Smart Source Insert- 
Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Various Purina Beneful Dog Foods and Snacks, Tidy Cats Litter, Purina Busy Bone and Bonz Dog Treats, Purina Cat Treats, Moist and Meaty Dog Food, Various Friskies Cat Food, Digiorno Pizza Dipping Strips, Nestle Purified Water 24 packs or larger, Nestle Purified Water 8 oz Multipacks, Lean Cuisine, Coffee Mate, Nestle Frozen Ice Cream Snacks, Skinny Cow Chocolate Candy, Boost Drinks, Digiorno Pizzas, Carnation Breakfast Products, Planters Peanut Butter, California Pizza Kitchen, Red Lobster, Duke’s Mayo and Sauer’s Griller Rub, Tyson Bagged Breaded Chicken Strips, Campbell’s Select Harvest Soups, Pepperidge Farm Bread, PaceSalsa, V8 Vegetable Juice, Prego Sauces, Eggland’s Best Eggs, Johnsonville Pork and Chicken Sausage, Nature’s Valley Alive Multivitamin, Pearls Products, Colgate Toothpaste, Colgate Powered Toothbrush, Colgate Manual Toothbrush, Speed Stick, Palmolive Dish Liquid, Land O Lakes Butter products, RoC Anit-Aging Products, Mira Lax, Resolve Carpet Cleaners, Smithfiled Ground Pork Products, Mission Tortillas, Claritin, Barilla Microwaveable Meals, Chuck E Cheese, Rid X, Woolite, Boston Market, Who Nu Nutrition Rich Cookies, Ajax, John Frieda Precision Foam Color, Icy Hot, Turtle Wax Tire or Wheel Product, Hug Fruit Barrels, Sure Jell or Certo Products, Snapware

From the amount of “Black” that you see above, it should be clear that the Raleigh paper wins in the category of most coupons in the Smart Source insert today. If you buy the Raleigh paper, you will have a better variety of coupons!

Red Plum Insert-
Raleigh Newspaper Only- Black; Both Papers- Blue Wilmington Only- Red

Land O Frost, Quaker Real Medleys, Fungicure, Psoriasis, Prosacea, Alta Seltzer, Loreal Colour Riche or Loreal Paris Lip Colour, Furmanos Tomatoes, PF Changs Home Menu, Spring Rolls or Dumplings, Zyrtec, Listerine, Listerine Whitening, Listerine Smart Rinse, One Touch Ultra Blue Test Strips, One Touch Ultra Mini Meter, Pedigree Dog Foods, Welch’s Refrigerated Fruit Juice Cocktail, Aleve. Bayer Asprin, Special K Cereals, Cracker Chips and Protein Meal Bars, Morton Sea Salt, Morton Season-All Seasoned Salt, NicoDerm, Surf, Snuggle, Tabasco, Brawny Giant Roll or Larger, Nivea Body or Hand Lotion, Sun Kissed Product or Skin Firming Product, Catherin’s Clothing, I Cool For Menopause, Hardees, 

Again, Raleigh is your best bet for the most coupons this week.

Pepsi Moments to Save Insert- Same Coupons for Both Papers

Starbucks, Pepsi Next, Tostitos Tortilla Chips, Sun Chips, Cheetos, Lays, Baked Lays, Pepsi Cans, Frapuchinno, Quaker Chewy Granola Bars or Yogurt Granola Bars, Starbucks Via, Frito Lay Variety Packs, Lipton Iced Tea or Pureleaf Packs, 

Proctor and Gamble Insert- Same Coupons for Both Papers

I did not receive a Proctor and Gamble insert in either of the papers today, so I will either order it online at or, or go grab it for free in the local Encore or AdPack magazines.

What coupons did you find this morning? Which coupons excite you the most?!

Until next week……

Delly’s Deals Weekly Radio Show Notes

Thank you to our show sponsors, I Am Salon and Day Spa, Indoor Mechanical Service and Memories of a Child. Please support these local businesses as they help make the Delly’s Deals Radio Show possible! Check out the April specials from I Am Salon and Day Spa. Also, Indoor Mechanical Service is offering a $45 tune up special for your heating and air unit, which is an awesome deal, so be sure to call them. Finally, Memories of a Child has TONS of great warm weather clothes right now, so if you need spring and summer wear for your kids, as well as water gear, be sure to drop by. You get an extra 10% off if you mention my name (Delly)!

Today we gave away a $100 gift certificate to the new Brazilian Steakhouse in Wilmington, courtesy of Gauchao Brazilian Steakhouse. They are located at 6317 Market Street in Wilmington. If you have not yet tried a Brazilian Steakhouse, you are missing out! Gauchao features 17 different cuts of meats including filet mignon, top sirloin, bottom sirloin, pork filet, pork and beef ribs, chicken, and so many more! The meat is served to you fresh and hot while you sit and the steaks are cut fresh off the skewer. It is a culinary experience not to miss! They also offer a salad bar with 54 items on it.

For Mother’s Day they are offering a 20% discount from 12-4, so be sure to go in (you may want to make a reservation by calling 399-6228) and let them know you heard about it on Delly’s Deals! Congrats to Alissa O. for winning the $100 gift certificate and thank you to Gauchao Brazilian Steakhouse for offering this awesome prize!

Below are some of the deals that I shared  for the week. The deals are a little more sparse than last week but there are still some not to miss deals out there:

Harris Teeter/Lowes Foods

Tetley Tea- use $.65 off coupon from Sunday paper to make it FREE at Lowes Foods and $.02 at Harris Teeter

Ragu Pasta Sauce- Buy 2 Get 3 FREE at Harris Teeter (use 3 of the $.50 off coupon from the Lowes 
Spring Savings Booklet to bring the cost down to less than $1 each)

Keri Lotion- $1.99 after $2.00 off coupon from the April 15th newspaper (normally very expensive)

Eight O Clock Coffee is this week’s EVIC special at Harris Teeter- buy two bags for $3.77 and use this $2 off 2 bags coupon to make them $2.77 each, which isn’t bad for bagged coffee

The Harris Teeter Meal Deal is good- it’s based on a chicken taco night although you could use the ingredients for something else. Get Perdue Chicken Strips, Mission Tortillas, Breakstone Sour Cream and Harris Teeter brand shredded cheese for only $5.99. The chicken alone can cost almost that much, so the other items are just a bonus!

Oven Roasted Deli Turkey is on sale at Harris Teeter for $6.99 and White and Yellow American Cheeses are on sale for only $4.99 per pound. I’ve been waiting for deli turkey to go on sale, so I was happy to see this!

Food Lion
Bounty Paper Towels are $5 for 6 pack at Food Lion. Use the $1 off Food Lion e-coupon (load it onto your card at the Food Lion website) to make them $4 for 6 rolls

Tide is $5.99 at Food Lion. This isn’t the best price ever but it’s not bad if you really need some Tide. Plus, there are a variety of Tide coupons floating around out there that you can use to lower the price even more.

Ragu Pasta Sauce is also B1G1 FREE at Food Lion, so you can get it there and use two of the $.50 off coupons from the Lowes Booklet, too.

Finally, check out the produce deals from all three major stores this week. There were a lot of them and they will only get better as summer approaches.

I also shared a deal where you can get FREE glasses from Coastal Contacts. This is an awesome deal and you only have to pay $10 shipping! Enter the code “KRAZYFREE” at checkout. The wonderful thing is that they come with a hard case,cloth and mini screwdriver. And if you are not happy with them, you can ship them back for free. You just need your prescription information, so hopefully you have that somewhere!

Don’t forget your Sunday paper tomorrow. It should be loaded since it is the first of the month.

I have a workshop coming up on Saturday, May 26th. It is at NE Regional Library at 1 p.m. Click here for details and I do hope you can make it! If you are wanting to learn more about how to drastically reduce your grocery bill and leave more money in your pocket, be sure to join me for a lot of fun and tons of great info!

See today’s radio show trivia question/answer below:

How much does the average US family of 3 spend on groceries? Check out this graph from the US Department of Labor. $4053 on average is spent on personal care products and groceries. I take a family of 6 would spend on average twice as much, which would be $8106. Imagine if you could cut that amount in half by using coupons and store discounts? The great news is that you can!

Sunday Paper Reminder


I want to remind everyone to have their “A” game on Sunday morning! Already it’s the first of the month coming up, which means awesome coupons in the Sunday paper. This Sunday’s newspaper is supposed to have a Red Plum insert, a Smart Source insert, a Proctor and Gamble insert AND a special Pepsi Moments to Save insert. Well, there goes sleeping in on Sunday morning for me!

A couple of notes- lately the Raleigh News and Observer has not been putting the Proctor and Gamble insert in the paper down here in Wilmington, but it tends to have more of the other coupons. So definitely get the Raleigh paper. 

But, if you also want the Proctor and Gamble insert, which is usually very nice, the Wilmington Star News has been including it, although the Wilmington selection of the other coupons is often thinner. So, what I’m saying is that this is a great weekend to get both papers, possibly multiple copies, depending on if you like the coupons that are included.

Finally, there are free Proctor and Gamble inserts in the local Ad Pack and Encore magazines and they are currently out and about around town. Remember your coupon etiquette and please don’t grab more than one, maybe two- leave some for the rest of us! Watch out for coupon karma- do unto other couponers as you would have them do unto you!

Produce Deals this Week


One of the easiest ways to save on produce is to simply buy it on sale. Produce goes on sale, too, mainly when it’s in season, but even when not in season the grocery store will occasionally surprise you. Food Lion seems to take the cake this week with produce deals. Below I list some of my favorite prices this week:

Harris Teeter:

B1G1 Free Blackberries or Blueberries (my kids will be so happy to see this- we only buy these on sale)- At this price they come out to be $1.99 each

Iceberg Lettuce B1G1 Free

Select Bagged Apples- $3.50 per bag (great deal- I tried some and they were so sweet and crispy)!

Food Lion: 

Gala Apples- $.99 per pound (this is an awesome price! normally these run $1.79 per pound)!

Cluster Tomatoes- $.99 per pound (normally $1.99 per pound, so big savings)

Fresh Express or Dole Salads 12 ounces- $1.50 each 

5 pound bag Yellow Potatoes- $2.99 per bag

3 pound bag Yellow Onions- $1.99 each

Hass Avocados- $.89 each

Red or Bosc Pears- $1.39 per pound

Lowes Foods:

T&A Romaine Hearts- B1G1 Free (makes them $1.75 each)

Jumbo Sweet Cantaloupe- (B1G1 Free (makes it $1.84 each)

Red Ripe Grape Tomatoes- (B1G1 Free (makes them $1.98 each pint)

Zuchinni or Yellow Squash- $1.49 per pound

Try to eat the produce that’s on sale and in season and you will save the most. My children know they get the fruits that are on sale each week. If all else fails, there’s always bananas! 

Finally, nothing beats the value of growing your own, so try out a couple of veggies or fruits that you like- I did last year and it was a lot of fun!

Star News vs. News and Observer


This morning I checked a couple of Wilmington Star News newspapers and none had coupons. So, I only got the Raleigh paper, which had one Smart Source. I knew this week was going to be a slow week, with only one insert scheduled to be in the paper.

I will list the Raleigh Smart Source coupons below.

Raleigh Smart Source April 22nd, 2012

Barilla Plus Pasta
Dole Fruit Bowls
Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals Dressing
Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals Dressing and Seasoning Mix
Hamburger Helper
General Mills Cereals
Jose Ole Mini Tacos
Dole Gels or Fruit Bowls
Freschetta Artisan Pizza Crust
Dole Mandarin Oranges
Almond Accents
Buddig Lunchmeat
Kit Kaboodle
Cats Pride Litter
Jergens Moisturizer
Opticon A
Werther Original
Seattles Best Coffee
Schick Hydro Razors
Schick Hydro Refills
Schick Hydro Shave Gel
Wet Ones
Edge or Skintimate
Hawaiian Tropic 
Banana Boat
Raid Ant and Roach
Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist
Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit
Claritin for Kids
Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergent
Planters Big Nut Bars
Sargento Natural Cheese Snack
Salada Green Tea
Bissell Carpet Cleaning Powder or Foam
Nutrish for Dogs
Finish Quantum
Finish Gelpacs
Clearasil Perfectawash
Clearasil Skin Care
Longhorn Steakhouse
Oxi Clean Products

On second thought….these coupons weren’t too bad! Certainly worth the $2.00 for the newspaper! Until next week……

Delly’s Deals Radio Show Notes


 Thank you to our show sponsors, I Am Salon and Day Spa, Indoor Mechanical Service and Memories of a Child. Please support these local businesses as they help make the Delly’s Deals Radio Show possible! Check out the April specials from I Am Salon and Day Spa. Also, Indoor Mechanical Service is offering a $45 tune up special for your heating and air unit, which is an awesome deal, so be sure to call them. Finally, Memories of a Child has TONS of great warm weather clothes right now, so if you need spring and summer wear for your kids, as well as water gear, be sure to drop by. You get an extra 10% off if you mention my name (Delly)!

Today on the Delly’s Deals Radio show the main topic of course was “Super Double Coupons Week.” I shared some of the deals that I’ve been getting as well as tips for what to do when the shelf is empty. If you run into empty shelves, ask the manager or stocking manager when a new shipment will be coming in. Also, keep in mind that although the freebies and cheapies may be gone, you can still save significant money on some of the other items that you need that you have coupons for, even if they’re not the popular item of week.

Pam M. won a prize package where she got 2 free AC tune ups ($90+ value) AND a new digital thermometer! Thanks to Indoor Mechanical Service for offering that giveaway!

Below are some of the deals that I’ve noticed at the local grocery stores this week:

Lowes Foods

Fresh Corn- 5 ears for $2

Meal Deal- Buy Tyson Chicken, Ore Ida Fries, Birds Eye Veggies, Pepsi Product (see ad for exact sizes to buy) for $6.99. Also, use a $.75 off Tyson chicken coupon from Sunday paper to pay only $5.49 for all of those items.

Wisk Laundry Detergent- $3.99-$2.00 off coupon from Sunday paper= $1.99 total

Lowes Foods Water 24 pack- $2.77

Turkey Hill Ice Cream- only $1 after using $1.00 off coupon from last Sunday’s paper

Click here to see my Lowes Foods Super Double Coupons Post for more deals

Food Lion

Buy 3 Save $3 automatically at the register promo on selected Kraft items (see page 2 of their flyer) and you can also use coupons on those items

Stouffers Lasagne $5.99-$2 off coupon from Sunday paper= $3.99

Kraft Cheese (Chunk or Shredded)= 2 for $5.00 (great price)

Deli Turkey- $4.99/pound

Limes- 5 for $1

Harris Teeter

Starbucks Coffee $5.97- $1.50 off coupon that doubles from online= $2.97 per bag (super awesome price)!

Gain Laundry Detergent (Sat. Special only)- $3.77- $1.00 EVIC digital coupon-$1.00 paper coupon that will double= $.77!

Fresh Strawberries- $1.50 per pound (good price- I think this is what I paid at the strawberry farm last week)

Porterhouse or T-bone Steak- $6.77 per pound or get USDA Angus Beef for only $7.77 per pound

Click here to see my other deals from Harris Teeter Super Doubles

Also, keep in mind that The Fresh Market is still doing $2.99 Tuesdays where you can get fresh ground chuck, boneless skinless chicken breast (all natural, antibiotic free) and a gallon of hormone free milk for $2.99. Great prices!

There are SO many deals out there, regardless of the store you shop. Just be sure to shop from the sales and apply your coupons! Have a great weekend!

Lowes Foods Super Doubles Deals

I paid $10.46 plus tax today for 5 Mr. P’s Pizzas, 2- 100 count Lowes Foods paper plates, 6 jars of baby food, 3 bags of Lowes Foods frozen potatoes, 2 bags of Alexia Sweet Potato Fries and Kraft Milkbite Bars (not pictured).  
Not too bad!

I ran into Lowes Foods today mainly to grab the Turkey Hill Ice Cream and came out with a few great deals that I thought I’d share.

Interestingly, the item I went in for, Turkey Hill Icecream, was out. After $1 doubled coupon, the ice cream is only $1 plus tax. Regular price was $4.99, so $1 is a steal.

Items I did get are posted below: (my favorites are in RED)

Beechnut Baby Food- 6 jars for FREE (used $1.00 off 3 coupon printed online)
Lowes Foods Paper Plates 100 count-  $.48!
Lowes Foods Frozen Potatoes- $.50 (used the $1.00 off one bag coupon from Lowes Foods Spring Booklet)
Kraft Milkbites- $1.00 (used $.75 off coupon printed online)
Alexia Sweet Potato Fries- $1.00 (used $1.00 off coupon printed online)
Mr P.’s Pizzas- $.60 each (used $1.00 off 5 coupon from Lowes Foods Spring Booklet)

A note about the Lowes Foods Frozen Potatoes- this was such a great deal! There were several to choose from, including tater tots, shoestring fries, steak fries, seasoned fries and sweet potato fries. I bought three bags.

Also, I am in love with the paper plates deal. Only $.48 for 100 paper plates! I gave up on dishes a few months ago but I’ve been struggling with the expense of paper plates. It just feels like such a waste of money! These Lowes Foods paper plates are fairly sturdy. You could also pay a little more and get the even sturdier paper plates 100 count and still use the $1.00 off coupon. 

One note- Lowes Foods did have some problems with a couple of my coupons, so don’t feel singled out if you do, too. It seems their cash registers go nuts if you redeem a coupon that after doubling, ends up being more than the item was worth. This is perfectly acceptable, but the cash register doesn’t like it and in the case of my baby food, I had to get a manager’s override. Also, a few of my Spring Booklet coupons did not double. I watched closely and pointed this out and the manager adjusted. So, it seems that I have to be a little more vigilant about these things at Lowes Foods than I do at Harris Teeter.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I will find the $1.00 Turkey Hill Ice Cream in stock before the week is over!

Harris Teeter Saturday Special on Gain


Harris Teeter just had a special on Gain a couple of weeks ago and another one is back this Saturday! Besides the awesome price, I love how I can choose from all the wonderful assortment of scents at Harris Teeter!

This Sat. you can get Gain Laundry Detergent (50 oz) for $3.77 at Harris Teeter! That’s already an awesome price, but what happens when you apply coupons?

There was a $1.00 off coupon in last Sunday’s Red Plum insert. That will double to $2.00 off, making the Gain only $1.77!

On top of that, there is a $1.00 EVIC digital coupon (from my Harris Teeter emails) for an extra $1.00 off of one Gain. That brings the price down to $.77! What an amazing price! You really can’t beat that deal.

How does this compare with Sam’s Club? Sam’s Club’s price on Gain Landry Detergent is $19.98 for 225 ounces. That comes out to be 8.8 cents per ounce.

At the special Harris Teeter sale price with coupons, it comes out to 1.5 cents per ounce! What a big difference! At that price, 225 ounces at Harris Teeter would run you $3.38 versus $19.98 at Sam’s Club! Now you see why I say it pays to buy the smaller sizes on sale at the grocer every few weeks and use coupons versus buying the bigger sizes at the warehouse clubs. Not only are the bigger sizes heavier to carry but you’re paying more for them anyway, so why bother?

Last question- what if you don’t have any coupons and just bought the detergent at Harris Teeter on sale? Is it still a better deal than Sam’s Club? Let’s see….

Harris Teeter Gain EVIC price- $3.77 for 50 ounces= 6.7 cents per ounce versus Sam’s Club’s 8.8 cents per ounce. So, 225 ounces would be $19.98 at Sam’s Club versus $15.07 at Harris Teeter. So, again, even if you don’t use coupons, you’re still saving by buying on sale at the grocery store instead of at the warehouse club BUT as you can see, you save drastically more when you can add in those coupons!

My Harris Teeter Super Double Deals

 I paid a total of $5.94 plus tax for all these items! 
Pre-coupon and sales total was $54.75!

I was happy to save 89% on my groceries today at Harris Teeter! The deals this week were decent; nothing that I will get too excited about but I thought I’d share in case you see something that you’d like to pick up, too. 

I paid less than $1 for most items, including for a few expensive cleaning items that normally would have cost over $4 each.

FREE Items:

Crave Cat Treats
Carpet Fresh
County Crock Sticks
I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter Sticks
I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter Tub

50 cents or less:

Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles- $.19 (used $1.00 off 2 coupon from Lowes Foods Booklet)
Gold Peak Tea- $.50 (used $.75 off coupon from internet)
Emerald On the Go Breakfast Nuts- $.50 (after $1.00 off coupon from internet)
80-count Band Aids- $.50 (after $1.00 off coupon from 4/21 Sunday paper)
Wholly Guacamole- $.50 (after $1.00 off coupon printed from their Facebook page)
Lance Cracker Creations- $.50 after 1.00 off coupon printed online)

Other Deals:

2000 Flushes- $.97 (used $.55 off coupon from Sunday paper back in January)
X-14 Mildew Remover- $.97 (used $.55 off coupon from Sunday paper back in January)
Yo Crunch Four Pack Strawberry with Granola Yogurt- $.77 (used $.75 coupon from Sunday paper in Feb)


I understand that the Yakisoba Noodles will not make me popular amongst the healthy types. I’ve actually never tasted them (they do sound interesting). HOWEVER, after paying $.19, if I don’t like them I realize that they will make a great item to donate to a food bank where I’m sure someone will be glad to have them.

Hopefully, the guacamole, yogurt and nuts will make up for my poor choice of Yakisoba Noodles! I LOVE Wholly Gucamole and it will go great with the Lucks Black Beans that are on sale this week (coupon in the Lowes Foods Spring Savings Booklet). 

Also worth mentioning are the non-food products that I scored super cheap, including Carpet Fresh, 2000 Flushes, X-14 and Band-Aids, which are always in short supply in our home with three children under 6!

These are some of the most dramatic deals; I always go for those first. There are MANY other great deals to be had so don’t always obsess yourself with just getting the freebies and super cheapies. You can save a lot this week on items that may not end up being free but still significant savings off their original prices. One example is the Starbucks Ground Coffee. My husband can’t wait for me to get it. It’s on EVIC special for $5.97. After the $1.50 off online coupon it’s only $2.97! It normally costs around $8 so I will be grabbing two of those. (I shared the coupon a few days ago on my FB page but it’s no longer available)

Share your deals this week on the Delly’s Deals Facebook page so we can get them, too! I will also be drawing a name this week to win a $20 grocery store gift card of your choice, so be sure to like Delly’s Deals on FB for your chance!

My Drug Store Deals this Week!


After seeing yesterday’s Sunday paper loaded with great coupons, I decided to head straight over to the drug stores to grab a few deals. You have until Saturday night if you’d also like to grab some of these. Remember to request a rain check if they are out of something!

FREE Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste (no out of pocket except tax and filler item)

$.99 Claritin for Kids 
FREE Colgate Max Toothpaste (after Extrabucks)
$1.00 Right Guard Mens Deoderant (after Extrabucks)
$1.00 Right Guard Mens Bodywash (after Extrabucks)
$3.99 Lysol Heathly Touch Hand soap system (I actually paid only tax because I used Extrabucks from a previous transaction)

See below for details on how I did each transaction.


FREE Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste

(use $1.00 off coupon from yesterday’s Sunday paper PLUS the $1.00 off coupon in the Walgreens savings booklet). If you buy one toothpaste but use both coupons, you will also need to buy a small, cheap little filler item, such as a caramel or something, since Walgreens’ registers will not accept more than one coupon per item.


$.99 Claritin for Kids

Kids’ Claritin is on sale for $7.99 a bottle. There is a $7.00 off coupon from last Sunday’s newspaper (Raleigh only). After coupon I only paid $.99 which is an AWESOME deal!

FREE Colgate Max Toothpaste (after Extrabucks reward)

Colgate Toothpaste is $2.99 each. I used a $1.00 off coupon from last week’s paper so I only paid $1.99 plus tax. I then got back $2.00 in Extrabucks after I paid.You can do this twice and earn $4 in Extrabucks.

$1.00 Right Guard Mens Deoderant (after Extrabucks)
$1.00 Right Guard Mens Bodywash (after Extrabucks)

Both of these transactions work the same. You can choose any combo of Right Guard Deoderant or Bodywash. Each is on sale for $3.00 so I bought two and used a $2.00 off coupon from Sunday’s Raleigh newspaper. I paid $4.00 plus tax and then got back $2.00 in Extrabucks.

$3.99 Lysol Heathly Touch Hand soap system (I actually paid only tax because I used Extrabucks from a previous transaction)

 It’s on sale for $6.99 and I had a $3 off coupon from last Sunday’s paper. After coupon I paid $3.99. If you want this you could do the above transactions and then use some of the Extrabucks that you earned above towards the Hand Soap System. This is what I did so it only cost me $.48 plus tax.

I’m sure there are other great deals this week at CVS and Walgreens; these are the ones I chose to take advantage of! What did you find at the drug stores this week?