Awesome Vaseline Lotion Deal at Target!


Thanks to Betty R. from my Facebook page, I was able to take advantage of a GREAT deal on Vaseline at Target today!

The 20.3 oz (big size) Vaseline Lotion is on sale for $4.99. If you buy two of them, you receive a $5 Target gift card immediately at the register. $9.98-$5.00 makes it basically $4.98 for both, which is already a good deal.

Betty informed me that attached to some of these lotions was a bonus 10 oz Vaseline for free! Sure enough, I went and was able to get two of the big 20.3 oz lotions, each having a 10 oz bonus attached. So, it was like paying $4.98 for four lotions.

But wait…..the deal gets even better! Betty also informed me that there were coupons from the October 2nd paper for Buy one get one free Vaseline lotion. I used two of the coupons and was able to get two additional 13 oz size Vaseline lotions for FREE! 

In the end, I paid out of pocket $9.98 for six bottles of lotion and then got a $5 gift card, so that made it like paying $4.98 for everything. I immediately used the gift card to buy some strawberries (Target has the best price around on strawberries- only $1.79 for a pound).

Target does issue rain checks, so if they are out of lotion, be sure to get one. The Wilmington Target was running a little low, but still had the Men’s Vaseline in the big sizes with the bonus lotion. I don’t know when they re-stock, but I imagine they will before Saturday. Those of you in other cities may have better selection.

One more thing worth mentioning- there were a variety of types of Vaseline lotion that will qualify for the deal- I got the Vaseline for Men, the Aloe Vera version and the Vaseline basic. I also saw an unscented white bottle, I think it was Intensive Therapy. I plan on giving away some of the Men’s lotion to my father and brother.

Keep in mind that Target’s sales run differently from the grocery store; at Target, the new sales start each Sunday, so you have until Saturday night to get this deal at Target.

What a great deal! Thank you, Betty for sharing!

Target Lotion Deal


Quick Freebies at CVS through Today!


If you’re passing by a CVS today, you might want to drop in and grab two quick freebies. 

One is a bag of Gold Emblem candy corn. It’s only $.99 but after you pay, an Extra Care Buck will print out for $.99, making the candy corn essentially free. You can then take that buck and buy something else in the store with it.

The other is a Pumpkin Masters Brand Carving Tool. It is on sale for $2.49 and after you pay you will receive a $2.49 Extra Care Buck which can be redeemed for other items in the store. If you’ve already bought a carving tool, this would be a great item to save in your Halloween/Fall storage tote and have ready for next year.

The nice thing is that you don’t have to pay separate; just buy both items at the same time and the $3.48 in Extra Care Bucks will print out together.

Something to keep in mind is that you can combine multiple Extra Care Bucks when you are ready to redeem them; you are not limited to using only one extra care buck at a time. For instance, if you wanted to buy a bag of Halloween Candy for $5.99, you could redeem both of the Extra Care Bucks that you earned above to save $3.48 off, making the Halloween candy only $2.51. 

Other deals at CVS this week include lots of candy sales, many with matching coupons, and deals on makeup. I noticed if you spend $10 on Covergirl cosmetics, you get a $3 Extra Care Buck. You can also use coupons on these to bring down the $10 minimum. If you like Nivea body lotion, here is a Facebook coupon for $2 off. Print two of the coupons and then if you buy $10 worth of Nivea products listed in the CVS ad, you can use both of the $2 coupons and you will get $5 Extra Care Bucks back after you pay, totaling $9 in discounts.

Finally, this is kind of random, but if your child is into ZhuZhu pets like mine is, they are on sale for buy one get one free. Also, the ZhuZhu pet accessories are on sale for 50% off. Great time to grab some for Christmas!

Harris Teeter Saturday Specials


Saturday is a great day to shop for groceries. Often, the stores will run weekend specials. Lowes Foods and Food Lion sometimes do their three-day sales, offering special pricing from Friday-Sunday. Harris Teeter usually does a Saturday special, offering an extremely good deal on one or two items each Saturday only. A few weeks ago they were doing Sunday specials, but I haven’t seen those lately.

Tomorrow’s Saturday special is pretty good. I don’t normally post Saturday specials here (I do on my Facebook page), but I thought I would share this time.

Tomorrow, October 22nd only, you can get Hamburger Helper for $.84 a box (limit 6) and you can get 11-11.24 oz Mars Fun Size Candies (Snickers, Milky Way, etc…..) for $1.77 per bag (limit 3). Those are both great deals but of course, they get even better with coupons.

With Halloween coming up, let’s talk candy first. There are coupons out there floating around for either $1.00 off 2 bags or $1.50 off 3 bags. I have the $1.50 off of 3 bags; it was in the Sunday paper a few weeks back. At $1.77 per bag minus the $1.50 coupon, that makes each bag only $1.27. That is an EXCELLENT price! I haven’t seen a price that low anywhere else yet so I would definitely go ahead and grab your three bags.

Secondly, the Hamburger Helper works out to be an awesome deal, especially if you use coupons. Let’s say you get 3 boxes. At $.84 a box, that would be $2.52 for three boxes. Then, you can use a coupon, again from the newspaper a few weeks back, for $.75 off 3 boxes. That $.75 doubles to $1.50 off, making each box only $.34 a pience! I didn’t think the deal could get any better, but it is possible that some of you may have Harris Teeter EVIC coupons for Hamburger Helper. I recall seeing some a few weeks back for $.75 off. If that is the case, you would actually end up with $.25 OVERAGE, meaning they would pay you to take the Hamburger Helper off the shelf! So be sure to check your EVIC digital coupons.

Have a great weekend and I will see you on Sunday for the weekly Sunday newspaper coupon review!

Blue Diamond Promo= FREE Nut Thins!


I was so excited to see how the Blue Diamond promo ended up working out. This is going on this week at Harris Teeter, and you do need the coupons from the Sunday paper on October 16th to make it work. If you didn’t get coupons that day, consider ordering them from EBAY or Kuntry Klippers if this is a product that you really like.

The promo is:

Buy 2 Blue Diamond products and get $.75 off coupon for a future grocery trip
Buy 3 Blue Diamond products and get $1.50 off coupon for a future grocery trip
Buy 4 Blue Diamond products and get $4.00 off coupon for a future grocery trip

Of course, the best deal would be to buy the 4 products to get $4.00 off.

It just happens that Blue Diamond Nut Thins are on sale this week for $2.99 B1G1. That makes each box $1.50 a piece. That makes four boxes cost $6.00.

I then had two coupons for $1.00 off if I bought two boxes. I used both coupons for an additional $2.00 off, bringing the cost down to $4.00.

After I paid, I received a coupon for $4.00 off a future order, making the total cost basically FREE! I actually bought the Nut Thins first, then took the $4.00 and used it to pay for the rest of my grocery items. 

I did not see a limit, so if you have the coupons, I imagine you could do this deal over and over and stock up. The Nut Thins are pretty good- they come in different flavors and are a wheat and gluten-free snack, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about eating them!

Other items can be bought to get the promo. Click here for a list. I do think the Nut Thins are the best purchase for the promo, though.

Harris Teeter Weekly Trip Plus FREE Nut Thins Promo!

 Pictured: Carpet Fresh, HT Bacon Low Sodium, 2 Boxes of Colgate Cavity Free toothpaste, 1 lb. Dole Strawberries, 2 Lenders Bagels Blueberry, 2 8-packs of Gogurt Yogurt Snacks (I got the dye-free version), 4 boxes of Blue Diamond Nut Thins, 1 50 oz Gain Joyful Expressions Detergent, 5 cans of DelMonte Veggies, Half Gallon Lactaid Lactose Free Milk 1%, Grande Chips, 1 Harris Teeter Brand Pepperoni Pizza, Smart Balance Veggie Oil, Gillette Men’s Deoderant Total Price: 20.63

I did a trip to Harris Teeter in Mayfaire this morning. I was disappointed last night because it was raining so hard that I decided not to go out and grab a few last minute deals from last week’s ad, such as the Meal Deal (I missed out on it). To my surprise, a couple of last week’s deals carried over to this week, so I was able to get them. One example is the Gain 50 oz detergent- it is still on sale for $4.99, so after EVIC coupon and paper coupon I only paid $1.99. 

We are stocked up on meat so I didn’t need a huge amount of things. I was mainly going to grab the best deals that I noticed for this week. Lender’s Bagels are B1G1 $1.99 this week, making them only $1.00 each, a really great deal, no coupon used. I also got the Colgate Toothpaste for $.50 after using a $.50 coupon that doubled. It’s currently on sale for $1.50 each.

The Grande chips are $1.50 on sale; if you use the coupon from Sept. 11th newspaper to make them only $.50. The Delmonte Veggies (Corn and Green Beans) are B2G3 free, making them cost around $.55 a piece. The Simply Gogurt yogurt snacks are on sale for $2; I used a $.75 off coupon which doubled plus a digital coupon for .75 to make them only $.88 each box. Fresh strawberries are $2.00 each. 

Another deal to mention is the Harris Teeter pizza. They are priced 3 for $10, and I think that is just the normal price. I had a $1 off coupon from a few months back in the Sunday paper, making it only $2.33. Do you remember those Harris Teeter coupons that came in the paper almost two months ago? Well, they expire on October 25th. Another good one was for the HT Paper Towels; I believe it was for $2 or $3 off, and they are on EVIC sale this week, so this is definitely the time to use it.

Finally, my favorite deal was the Nut Thins. They ended up being practically free! I will explain in a separate post what that means.

I need a few other things but will save them for Saturday, since I like to grab the Saturday specials. Let me know what deals you spot this week!

Staples- FREE Batteries (Pretty Much)


 The Staples battery deal has come around once again and I love it!

Several times a year Staples gives 100% back in rewards when you buy packs of Duracell AA and AAA batteries. You can then take those Staples rewards and buy anything else in the store that you need- copies, office supplies, ink, etc. (I tend to use mine to get free or discounted HP printer ink).

Here’s how it works: You must first have a Staples rewards card. If you do not currently have one, just ask at the front counter and they’ll be glad to help you sign up immediately.

Then, you must buy the 16 pack AA or AAA batteries. I believe they are $9.99. You will pay for them at the counter, regular price, but then several weeks later in your e-mail or postal mail if you prefer, you will receive a full rebate for them in the form of a Staples reward certificate. You can then print out your reward and then bring it into Staples to buy anything else in the store with it!

A couple of notes- your rewards must equal $10 or more before you get the redemption certificate. So, if you never buy anything else at Staples other than this battery deal, you will need to buy at least 2 packs to get to the $10 reward minimum, since one pack is only $9.99. Me personally, I buy lots of things at Staples because they constantly run great deals, plus I make all my copies there. I earn rewards on everything I buy and get them back in the form of a staples rewards that I use in-store later. 

Each rewards customer is limited to two packs of batteries per week and you can do this weekly until October 29th. So, you could get two packs this week, and then after the 23rd you can go back and do it again. This is a great time to stock up for Christmas toy batteries!

For those in Wilmington, there are now two Staples stores. One is near Sam’s Club on N. College Rd. and the other is in Monkey Junction.

Shutterfly 40% off Photo Books


I always seem to notice these deals last minute! I love making photo books and if you do, too, here is a great deal for 40% off from Shutterfly. Simply upload the pics, make your book and place the order before Wednesday night at 11:59 p.m. and you will get 40% off.

One idea from a friend of mine is to pre-make your photo books and save them. Then, when one of these sales come along (as they tend to do about every six weeks or so), you can simply order it then. For me, the hard part is making the book, which ironically, is very easy to make. Sometimes getting started is the worst! The books are easy to make- you just choose a style, upload the pics and the software loads the photos for you in order. If you wish to make the book fancier or more personalized, you certainly may; I’ve gone both ways- simple or fancier and honestly, I was always pleased with both.

To redeem, type the code “BOOK40″ at checkout. The code can be used once per account, per person.

Star News vs. News and Observer!


This week there were three coupon inserts in both my Star News and News and Observer papers. Some regions also got the special Target insert, but I did not see it included in either of mine, so I guess we weren’t one of those special regions. Inform me if you did in fact receive the Target insert.

Both papers had the special Proctor and Gamble insert with $39 of various P&G coupons.

Both papers also had a Red Plum and a Smart Source.

The Raleigh Red Plum was thicker and included basically the same coupons that were in the Wilmington Red Plum plus more. Both papers had the Marcal paper towel coupons, which are nice to use at Food Lion when the paper towels go on sale for $1. Since the coupon is $1, you get the towels for free, so be on the lookout for a sale on those in the upcoming weeks. I also liked the Digiorno Pizza coupons that were in both newspapers. The coupon is for $1.25 off Digiorno combo pizzas, such as the Pizza and Wings or Pizza and cookies. Those will probably go on sale soon, too.

Other notable coupons included Halloween candy coupons and a $2.00 off Wisk coupon, both only in the Raleigh paper. Raleigh also had the Perdue chicken coupons and the Domino sugar coupons, both of which I like to use. Sugar coupons don’t come around too often, so I’m happy to see them. I do expect to see more sugar and baking coupons with the Holidays coming up, so now is the time to start stocking up on sugar and baking items for the year.

Both papers had Smart Source inserts but again, the Wilmington paper had significantly less coupons. One coupon in the Wilmington Smart Source that I liked was the $3.00 off 1 Snapware product; I did not see this coupon in the Raleigh paper. Both Smart Source inserts had the Johnsonville Italian sausage coupons for $.50 off, Tyson anytizer wings coupons for $1 off, and the Arm and Hammer coupons for $1 off. The Raleigh Smart Source included plenty of medicine coupons, too.

In the end, this week I would definitely grab one or two Raleigh papers if you could. It had the same coupons as Wilmington plus more. Unless you really want the $3 Snapware coupon, which was only found in my Wilmington paper, I would just buy one or two copies of the News and Observer.

Until next week…happy shopping!